Until today, I had read and listened to very little about the typhoon in the Phillipines.

Despite the fact that New Horizons has organized a host program there and Compassion International has sponsored and waiting children there. Despite the fact that it was all over the headlines. Despite all of it, I wanted to close my eyes and walk away from it.

It’s too much. I can come up with many excuses for trying to walk away. My own personal and professional issues, the boy we are preparing to host (which is no longer K, but now R…which is a story for another post), a million other things…some even important things. Yet, today, when I saw a post from Compassion, I allowed my eyes to open and my heart to break.

Regardless of what I have going on, what important causes I feel I’m championing, it’s not fair to turn away. Today, I allowed myself to read the stories. To feel the pain of the man who was clinging to his son, yet lost grip…and has now lost hope. To feel the bitter sweetness of the young mother who gave birth at the airport and to see her eyes full of sadness in what should have been so much more joy. To feel my arms ache with the need to do something, anything for these people who are starving and sick and living in ruin. They cannot close their eyes to the nightmare. They cannot hope to wake up and find it was not really so bad as it seemed. They cannot recover all they have lost, but they have to begin to live with the missing pieces of themselves.

I feel so helpless. I cannot go. I cannot reach out and help. So, I will pray and I will find ways to give. I will support those whose arms are there, ready and willing.

Will you join me?


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