If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen the onslaught of posts about thankfulness. By no means am I saying that in a judgmental or demeaning way. I honestly think it is fantastic to celebrate such a positive, affirming feeling.

But I haven’t posted any.

I guess, in general, I just have one big thing I am thankful for.

I’m thankful for forgiveness in the form of love.

See, I have to confess, I’m not perfect. Shocking admission, I know. Truly, I’ve messed up. A lot. But…

I have these fantastic parents who would impoverish themselves and pour out all of the love in their hearts if they thought I needed it. Parents who’ve always loved me more than I deserve and treated me a million times better than I’ve treated them. A dad who would fight for me, if need be. A mom who is brilliant and selfless. They know I can be a pain in the rear end and I can be selfish and, well, mean sometimes. And they love me anyway.

I have, honestly, the best husband in the entire world. I would be jealous of me if someone else had him as a husband. He puts me first and would help me out in almost every way imaginable. He is the kind of supportive husband little girls dream about. He knows I can be demanding and uncompromising and, well, judgmental. And he loves me anyway.

I have the two best kids in the world too. (If you’re a parent and don’t agree with me on this one, well, good for you! But, can we agree that each other’s kids are pretty awesome?) They are smart and funny – in a make me laugh out loud daily kind of funny. And, of my goodness, they are so compassionate! They are kind and accepting and, well, sometimes I wonder how I could have possibly taught them that. (They probably learned it from some other awesome people in their lives too!) Sadly, they haven’t always seen me at my best. They know I can get worn down, frustrated and impatient. And they love me anyway.

I could go on about the rest of my family, my coworkers, my friends, my church, but it’s so much the same. Whenever we are loved by those who have not just seen us at the high point of our day – or our lives – and yet they still love us, it is an awesome kind of forgiveness. It’s the forgiveness that doesn’t even have to be spoken. It’s the forgiveness that is the human faults inside of us connecting to another’s faults. And sometimes loving them more for it.

So, this month, I want to remember to be thankful for all of that. For the people who could turn away but don’t and for God who first showed that kind of love and forgiveness, so that we can give it to one another.

Oh, and I may also want to remember how thankful I am for long weekends, Diet Pepsi, hot showers and fleece-lined leggings. But, that’s probably a whole other post…

Happy November!


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