7 Years of E

Sometimes, especially when the boys are sleeping, I can get glimpses of the little guys they used to be and the big guys they are growing up to be.

When E was born, he was a peanut. Just about 6 pounds. Honestly, I remember looking at the bigger babies (giants who were probably about 8 months old) and thinking they looked so different from my teeny, tiny baby. I looked at super-long sleepers and couldn’t imagine how E would ever grow into them.

Obviously he did. And now he’s seven.

Seven seems so old to me. Especially since I have some pretty vivid memories of being 7 myself! I actually remember sitting in the same classroom E is in every day and freaking out because something was stuck to my arm. (It was a TICK! Who gets a tick in class? But I digress…) I remember being in first grade and finding a bad word in the bathroom and absolutely refusing to tell the principal what it was. So, he had to clear the girls’ bathroom to see it for himself. I remember…well, let’s just leave it at “I remember.”

So, without traipsing further along memory lane, here is seven years of E.









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