10 Things That Happened This Weekend

1 – E had his seventh birthday party. Skating with 6 and 7 year olds…many of whom aren’t sure they want to skate…actually worked out to be a fun party!
2 – I had a bit of a sore throat on Friday night, which turned into a pounding mucus-induced headache by Sunday morning.

3 – I am worried about running out of Kleenex. See number 2.

4 – We had a baseball-themed trunk (heavy one Harry Potter…which totally fits the theme, right?) at our church’s Trunk or Treat. I spent quite a bit of time inside the church, searching for Kleenex. See number 2.

5 – We went to Cheddar’s for E’s birthday. In trying to come up with the name of the restaurant, D called it “Cheez It’s.” This is the cuteness that has saved him more than once.

6 – I finished my lesson plans, but can’t remember where I put the spelling tests from Friday. I think my brain is filled with mucus. See number 2.

7 – We watched a LOT of Cardinals baseball. I may or may not have fallen asleep (I swear I just planned to close my eyes and “listen” to the game!) before all of this happened.

8 – I ran more loads of wash than I care to think about, for reasons I don’t care to think about.

9 – I had high hopes of winning World Series tickets. To understand why I am clearly so deserving (insert sarcasm), you need to know that the Cardinals won the World Series the year my dad was born, the year I was born and we watched the big win in 2006 the night we brought E home from the hospital. We’re lucky charms! They WANT us there, I’m just sure of it. 🙂

10 – I can’t think of a number 10. Once again, I blame the mucus. See number 2.


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