Just D

After our soccer games today, I had a few errands to run. D was less than thrilled.

From the backseat, I heard (after the whining stopped), “Umm, I know you’re probably going to say no, but…can I run the bases?”

I did start to say no. But then I realized for all of the times as a parent when I have to say no (such as when my four-year-old wanted to quit pre-k and join 6th grade, or when they wanted to hike with Ranger Lucy in Muir Woods today), there are a lot of times where – sadly – I say no because I don’t want to or it’s inconvenient.

So I said yes. (It did help that the field was right by a bathroom and E had just told me he needed to go.)

And saying “yes” paid off. I classic D style, he ran those bases. Every step of the way he was calling imaginary plays. But, what really made it worth the stop?

He was running the bases, in full soccer gear (including shin guards and soccer socks), carrying a football under one arm.

My only regret? I didn’t get a picture so you could enjoy the full sight too.


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