What I Look Like When I’m Sleeping

Poor E managed to mangle his face with poison ivy. As a result, we’ve spent a lot of time in the bathroom putting cream on it.

The other night, I out the cream on and quickly noticed he was tightly scrunching up an eye. Obviously, I panicked a tiny bit because I was about half convinced he was going blind from hydrocortisone cream in the eye. Darn me for trying to get it as close as possible without being in the eye! Why didn’t I head the package warnings better? (Nevermind that I really didn’t think I got it close to his eye…mom “panic guilt” mode was enacted.)

“Oh, sweetie, is it in your eye?!” (said while trying to figure out how best to flush the eye)


“Um…then what are you doing there buddy?”

“Trying to see what I look like when I sleep.”


“Heeeeey! Look! I winked! I winked!” (as he literally dances out of the room with excitement)

Thanks for the laugh, E. I needed that today this month.


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