Celebrity Dog

I am jealous. Of a dog.

Not only did she just fly to NYC. Not only was she only the Today show. Not only did she pose with Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney. But she could have a cameo on “Chicago Fire!”

She’s a pretty special dog though. Back in 2009, when she was just about 6 weeks old, she was in a fire. The captain (who is an animal lover) found her and brought her out. The puppy was lifeless. Some loving police officers started trying to revive her with CPR. Who wants to tell kids their puppy just died?

It didn’t look good.

But, here’s where it gets awesome. About 2 weeks before, the fire department had received animal resuscitation masks. The previous week there had been training on use of the masks.

They put a mask on the puppy and, amazingly, she was up and wagging her tail after about 15 minutes! Yet, it doesn’t end there.

The puppy wasn’t doing well, so the family contacted one of the rescuing police officers. Having lost their home, they just couldn’t care for this puppy who was so sick from smoke inhalation. So the officer took her.

Obviously, the puppy needed veterinarian care. Amazingly, one of the firefighters form the rescuing crew is the son of a local vet. Between the officer, the vet and the fire department, the puppy was nursed back to health.


Well, now she’s one of them. The puppy was named Smokey and she lives 24/7 at the fire house. She has her own bed at the station and has learned to open (and close!) doors to let herself out.

She’s also returning a favor to her rescuers. To help kids remember what to do if they catch on fire, Smokey can show them to stop, drop and roll!

So, today I’m asking, can you do one more thing for amazing Smokey? Can you vote for her to be the nation’s top fire dog? The other dogs in the running are awesome, but there’s only one Smokey…and she spends about a much time with my husband as I do!


E and D say, “Please vote for Station 2’s dog, and our friend, Smokey!”


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