Tackling and Evasive Maneuvers

Disclaimer 1: I am not a big football fan.  The football metaphor just seemed apropos. 

Disclaimer 2: Just by typing this title and the disclaimer, I spelled two words that I rarely (if ever) have to write out.  And I checked them with dictionary.com.  And I celebrated just a little when I realized I had spelled them correctly.

So, tackling.  Lately, it seems like balancing teaching, all of the responsibilities that go with it (right now, you’re either laughing at me or nodding – and your response probably depends largely on your degree of separation from a teacher), parenting and being a wife (wifing?) has been quite the job.  Basically, my left over time is devoted to sleeping (because it seems its a biological necessity, annoyingly enough). 

Tonight, after school, a meeting, an open house, dinner, homework, soccer practice and a chapter of Harry Potter (did I mention today is The Dad’s shift day?) I was feeling exhausted by the time the boys got in bed.  Honestly, I wanted to go straight to evasive maneuvers.  Namely, I wanted to take a bath, read and then go to bed.  The papers will be there to grade tomorrow, right?  I can work out more of the scheduling issues, adjust math plans based on how my students are doing, write a note back to D’s teacher and pack my lunch tomorrow, right?  Surely I’ll wake up early, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day! 

Or not.

Based on years of evasive maneuvers, stressed out mornings and watching responsibilities pile up to anxiety level, I knew I needed to make the tackle.  So, I forced myself to write that note, grade the papers, adjust the plans and toy with the schedule for just a bit.  (Lunch still hasn’t been made and, as I type, I realize I owe my non-profit a fall newsletter and still have to finish writing a Friday reading assessment…)  Despite the fact that a bath and a book still sounds like it would have been great, I feel better.  A lot better than I would have if I had evaded everything and left it sitting on my shoulders for another day.

I’m finally seeing that so often the evasive maneuvers just add to the stress.   Sooner or later, I have to tackle it and take control of the ball.  And, even though there are still players all around, trying to tackle me, I know I can’t hide. 

On to tackle some more. 

And maybe evade just a thing or two.  You can’t hit ’em all on the same day.  Right?


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