Like Cats and Dogs

We have two sons.

We have a dog.  Specifically a Golden Retriever.

We have two cats.  Specifically, umm, cats?  Of rather unknown origin?

I have decided that all of the above have many things in common.  Let me first make it perfectly understood that I love my cats as much as I love my dog.  Obviously, I also love E as much as I love D.  However, it is rather clear that E is a dog (probably a Golden Retriever) and D is a cat.

See, our dog is a pleaser.  She wants to do what you want her to.  Making you happy makes her happy.  When she’s done wrong (and, oh, has she done wrong…enter chewing up cash and cell phones!), she is so legitimately sorry that she hangs her head in shame when you see her.  In general, she lives life with unbridled joy.  And, E is so much the same.  It crushes him to feel that he has disappointed you with his actions.  In fact, I used to sing him the second verse of “You are My Sunshine,” but stopped because the line, “I hung my head and I cried” made him cry.  E simply exudes happiness and he genuinely loves life.  He is so caring and so compassionate.  And a pleaser. 

Our cats are, well, cats.  They are super snugglers and I really love getting them to purr (some scratching behind the ears does it).  At the same time, their attitudes vary from not being able to get enough attention to downright stubborn.  If it seems it is your idea to have one of them on your lap, it is a very bad idea.  Not acceptable.  Unless of course a few minutes later they decide it is their deepest desire to sit on your lap.  Then?  Excellent plan.  And this is our D.  He’s one of the most stubborn kiddos I’ve ever met (and I’ve met many, many kids!).  His goal seems to be to have the world follow his plan for the day, week, lifetime.  When it doesn’t he is. not. pleased.  At the same time, this is the one who would love to sleep beside me every night and snuggle.  Who gives hugs and kisses and wants to be held (and, by the way, weighs 52 pounds!).  He’s a love-bug…as long as it is his choice!

And, truly, I love that they are different.  I love having cats and dogs and I absolutely love my dog-like E and my cat-itude D.


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