Almost Fall

We are all back into the school routine! Of course, since the majority of our district buildings are without a/c, that means Mother Nature decided to have a good laugh and end the cooler weather we had earlier this month.


The week before school, we had multiple days with highs in the 70’s. In August? Crazy. Now, we are looking at heat indexes over 100.

Despite the early dismissal due to heat (thank goodness!) my room is topping out wayyyy over 90 before the students leave. It actually probably cools off once they go home and take their many sweaty bodies with them!

Anyway, I think we all melted today. I came home to find the boys had made forts and were watching Electric Company with super sleepy eyes. Obviously, D isn’t tired though…he hasn’t been tired ever. In all his life. Even when he wakes up from sleeping.

But, despite my sweaty, exhausted, could work for 6 more hours each day and never be 100% on top of it all- self, I thought I’d try to focus on the upside of this time of year:

-I often get more done when my time is crunched and I’m on a better schedule. Especially when that schedule includes a bit more work time, since the students are leaving early.
-The Dad shows off his amazing dad stuff by getting the boys to and from school 3-4 days a week, plus volunteering in E’s classroom (I’m totally stealing him as a volunteer if they don’t use him this year!).
-It’s almost time for homecoming parades (this is the time I love having two small colleges in town!) and high school football games.
-Some of my students are still in the “honeymoon” period of great behavior.
-Even though I’m silently flipping out, I know I’ll see tons of growth from my students by May…and I always look forward to seeing how far they can go!
-It’s birthday/holiday prep season. October starts the G family run of birthdays, which tie in to the holidays, and I always get excited by the middle of September. We’ll pretend like it’s already September – okay?

So…happy almost fall!




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