How Our Garden Grows

Years ago, we decided it was time to try a garden. E had already developed an intense love of tomatoes, so we bought one tomato plant and a few other plants (what they were is lost in the recesses of my mind -partly because E accidentally “weeded” some of them).

E loved that plant. He named it Tiny Tim and talked to it every day. Each time we came home, he asked to go check Tiny Tim to “see if his ‘matoes were red yet.”

I’m sure most people have read or heard about the studies that show talking to your plants actually does help them grow. I can’t prove it for all plants, but it sure seemed to work for Tiny Tim. He reached over the top of our 6-foot fence and spread throughout his corner niche, reaching at least 5-feet across. At the ironically named Tiny Tim’s peak, we were harvesting gallons of tomatoes every two days or so. (Did I mention that, at that time, E was the only family member actually eating raw tomatoes? And I had a baby, which limited anyone’s time and inventiveness in the kitchen?)

For the next few years, our tomato magic didn’t quite hold – despite Tiny’s year-two replacement receiving the fabulous moniker of “Santa Claus.” However, this year’s crop is going strong. (Thankfully, I have a newish, delicious salsa recipe and The Dad now makes killer spaghetti sauce!).

We scaled back quite a bit and only added a zucchini plant to our two tomato plants (one for each boy) for this year. Just a week or so ago, The Dad jokingly asked if our leafy plant was actually going to produce zucchini. This morning, I went out to pick tomatoes and found that someone must have secretly been talking to the plant I will now name Mr. Zucchini (creative, I know).


Anyone surprised to find that zucchini lasagna was on the menu tonight?!


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