Who Wears the Pants?

In a few weeks, school starts again. For the past year or so, I’ve undergone a dramatic struggle…for a pair of khaki pants that actually fit.

I know. Sounds traumatic, right? Seriously though, what is a teacher without a good pair of khaki pants?

But, I digress. I used to love pants from Old Navy, but somewhere along the line they kind of lost me. Their newer pants fit in the morning but are stretched out by lunch. So, I took to eBay to look for a pair of khakis in one of their discontinued styles.

My search turned up lots of shorts, capris and pants about 5 sizes too big. So, I was pretty excited to find a pair, seemingly in great condition, in a size that would most likely fit. It pretty much made my day. Or my week. (Only someone who has spent over a year looking for khakis that actually fit correctly can understand this type of excitement…probably a female someone.)

Needless to say, I bought them. Today, they arrived!

The package seemed tiny though. But I told myself the seller probably packed them really tightly to fit in the smaller envelope.

When I pulled them out, I thought they looked tiny too. Then, I unfolded them and realized they were WAY too short. Again, I told myself maybe they were like a Bermuda short and maybe that’s what I really wanted for those first hot days of school.

Then I unfolded the waist. These are NOT pants that would be a tight fit. They are NOT pants that will button if I lose a few pounds.

I pulled them on one leg. Sort of. They got stuck at my thigh. Lower thigh.

I looked at the size again. The Dad, laughing, asked if I was SURE these were adult pants.

Well…no. No way. I couldn’t justify to myself anymore. These are kid’s pants. With an adjustable elastic waist tab (which, really, should have been my first clue!).

I checked the seller’s link and, sure enough, the word “children’s” was right there. In my extreme pant-related excitement, I guess I missed it. So – sigh – the search continues.

But, the up side?

E has a new pair of khakis!


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