Another Day

5 Things I Accomplished Today:

1. I went to my classroom to start getting it organized. (We’ll just gloss over the fact I worked on Lexile leveling my book list for two hours…then realized it wasn’t the right list.)

2. I convinced E and D to let me “borrow” some of their books for my classroom. I get to do this again tomorrow though. While completing número uno, I realized I still need more books at a lower reading level. (Don’t feel too bad for E and D. They literally have more books than they know what to do with. And I give some away to other kids every year…shh, don’t tell!)

3. I was able to teach some unsuspecting adults about the game that’s all the rage around here at “Gillespie Family Cowboy Camp” (no idea how E and D came up with that one). It’s called “Sand, Sand, Cactus” and is played just like “Duck, Duck, Goose.”

And now you know too. You can thank me later.

4. I started yet another load of laundry (does it ever end?!).

Never mind that #4 here just happened. Possibly because I started to type that I had done it and then realized I hadn’t actually started it yet.

5. Thanks to my fabulous husband I discovered a new show…which I will probably never purposefully watch again. Somewhat interesting, but lots of nude butts. And it’s called Naked and Afraid. So basically I could never discuss it with anyone without them seriously questioning what goes on in my home. (For reference, it’s a survival show on the Discovery Channel. You’re relieved to hear that, aren’t you?)

Bonus #6. I’m probably going to reread this in the morning and think going to bed early would have been a better choice than blogging.


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