D, E

New Salem

On Monday, The Dad was working so it was two small guys and me hanging out. Swim lessons had finished (sigh…Mr. D and swim lessons are a bit like oil and water) and I generally feel like I’m a better mom when we go and do something. It’s probably a combination of less iPad, more paying attention and a more tangible answer to, “What did you do today?”

So, knowing our love of all things Lincoln, we headed to New Salem. Actually, that’s partly true, but I was also driven by our need for lye soap and the knowledge that their museum store sells it for $2.50 a bar. Anyway…

The boys have been here before (obviously, being the little Lincoln buffs we’re raising!) so there wasn’t much new. Well, other than the fact that our hike down to the mill was cut short by some repairs (which probably saved me from some whining and carrying of a 50-plus pound kiddo up a few stairs) and talking to a volunteer only to discover he lives down the street from my uncle.

That said, it was a good time. Lots of exploring, our reader-man reading barrel labels for various types of alcohol, a detour to the bathroom…followed by another detour to the bathroom, pretending to make wagon-wheel spokes and petting a horse (yep, saw the “No Petting” sign on the way out). E entertained us with all of the Lincoln stories he remembered (mostly correctly), plus information on how to churn butter and how to card wool.

I’m thinking it’s about time to make the kid earn his keep.

So…anyone need a new wagon-wheel?


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