Too Smart for His Own Good

D had a rough night last night.

There were tears, screaming, me having the audacity to put lotion on his eczema, D telling me what to do and that not going so well for him.

After multiple trips from the living room to the bedroom, me laying down with him (after an apology), a song, kisses in his hands and one for his pocket…well, sleep didn’t seem to be coming.

Maybe it was the nap (which, according to him did NOT happen!) during the movie I let I’m watch (because I knew he would fall asleep…but don’t tell him that!) or maybe it was his brother being gone and his dad being at work or maybe it was his terrible flare up of eczema, but it was rough. Finally, I told him he really had to go to bed because even I was going to bed soon.

He walked away. My heart leapt with trepidation though, because as he walked away I heard a whispered, “Yessss!”

Slightly worried, I waited about ten minutes before going to brush my teeth. Then, I checked on D, who was happily sleeping. I even used my phone to get a bit of light to see him curled up and tangled in his sheets.

Assuming he had exhausted himself with the tears and the joy of me being about to go to bed, I settled in with a book on my iPad. The cat climbed in bed and the dog was walking around to find a spot for the night.

Except it wasn’t really the dog I heard.

It was D, crawling in my bed just minutes after I confirmed he was asleep. I’m fairly certain he planned the whole thing.

Sometimes he’s just too smart for his own good.


Doesn’t he look like he’s planning something??


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