“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
— “Ode,” Arthur O’Shaughnessy


You have so much within you. But to let it out seems impossible. You have to change the you others see. You have to risk their judgement and lay yourself completely bare. You may have to face rejection and loss. But you are also stronger than you give yourself credit for.


Your gifts are not unnoticed. They are just as valuable as the one’s more openly praised. The ones you covet in others. What you have to offer has value. Value greater than you yourself could fathom.


You seem to have it all. On the outside. You may feel broken inside, but you are never beyond repair. You don’t have to hold everything together. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved. You already are.


You can change the world you know. Just by existing, the world is different than it would be if you weren’t here. You get to choose what kind of world you leave in your wake. Your smile, your kind words, your bold actions, they matter. It may not matter to the whole world, but it matters to at least one person. And that is enough.


I know how hard it is. How scared you are. But what you have? Is more valuable than you know.

Be you.

It is enough.


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