Charleston, You Crack Me Up

Obviously, we have been home from vacation for awhile now. However, I took some quick pics in Charleston of signs that gave me a laugh. Now, I’ll share.

You’re welcome.

First, they are serious about their parking. For real. Don’t mess with them.

Secondly, they are also serious about their safety. Now, I am big on water safety, but this sign…

…was for this place

Parents, I sincerely hope you are paying enough attention to your children that a lifeguard is not needed in the fountain with a few inches of water. But, Charleston, I applaud you on your vigilance.

Finally, to prove I’m not really as mature as I think I am, this sign cracked me up.

Sorry, it just seems to take on a different meaning when it says, “Speed Hump,” instead of “Speed Bump.” Is this only in Charleston or is it in other places in the south?

And, now you know that it doesn’t take much to amuse me.


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