Away from It All

This is where I am this week.


Actually, this post comes to you via the technological advancement that is scheduled posting. As I type this, I am actually at home, finishing packing. But I digress…

The Dad and I are counseling church camp this week. Every year, I am torn between my desire to go and my desire not to leave my boys. But, I go. And I am always blessed for it.

This camp, this place, is part of me. It is where I learned I belong, that I fit in, that I am loved more than I can comprehend. It is here that I found a God more personal that I had known and here where my doubts (although they sometimes seem overwhelming) have been wiped away again and again. It is here that I met some of the most important people who ever entered my life. The kind of people who, even if you haven’t seen them in years, would be there if you called them and will forever hold a special place in your heart.

I wish for everyone to have a place like this one is for me.


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