Magic is Real…

…and it comes in the form of goggles.

I already wrote about how my ever-so-slightly strong-willed D is not fond of water that may possibly cause a tiny droplet to fall on his sweet face. I may joke, but there have been times it was agonizing for me. One of those times may have been when he was asked to leave swimming lessons, but I digress (and I’m about to freak out just reliving the screaming and embarrassment…and recalling the BIG piece of humble pie I ate).

So, on Wednesday, we used free tickets E and I had earned to a waterpark. Unsurprisingly, we got there and D didn’t want to go near the treehouse with the giant dumping bucket on top. You know? The one that nearly batters to death any small child standing directly under it? And is always part of the area billed for “younger kids”? And sprays water in almost every part of the treehouse? Anyway…

We were really pushing D to be brave and try something new.

It wasn’t happening.

I promised a peanut butter shake if he would try a water slide with The Dad. (Yep, I learned with Child #2 that I am apparently NOT above bribery!)

He tried it. Loved the slide. Hated the splash at the end.

Then, I remembered there were some goggles floating around in the bottom of our bag. Now, believe me, we have offered goggles or masks before. For various reasons, D just hasn’t tried them. Some of those reasons include screaming even before we entered the Y for swim lessons and my strong desire to leave at least a few people untainted by the screams of my youngest. And possibly to leave a few impressed with my competency as a parent (although this post is likely eliminating those few)!

But, D was a bit more amenable on Wednesday and we coaxed the goggles onto his face. And hoped for the best. Like, threw up a few prayers and crossed fingers and toes kind of hoping.

The first test was the wave pool. A wave smacked him full-on in the face.

And he laughed!?!?

Soon, he asked to go on a smaller waterside. By himself! Then, he asked to go back to the treehouse. And rode two more big watersides. And got smacked by a few more waves. And, shockingly, even put his whole head under in the shower! Magic goggles, I tell you.

So, forgive me if you see my kid in goggles when we’re trying to get him to a doctor’s appointment or to put on shoes or finish breakfast. I figure it’s worth a shot!



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