By the Numbers

3 – Number of minutes to drive to Wal-Mart to purchase t-shirts for VBS iron-ons

3 – Number of minutes to select the ideal color for said shirts

3 – Number of minutes to revise this selection to fit the actual sizes available

7 – Total cost of 2 shirts

10 – Minutes spent kicking myself for spending that much money on two t-shirts for VBS iron-ons

1.5 – Hours to run and dry a load of wash – necessary because the iron-on directions described this as “VERY IMPORTANT”

14 – Hours between when the dryer finished and I actually got the shirts out to iron-on the decals

5 – Minutes spent determining which decals to use and where the place them. The Great Debate? To use the owl and moon or not. (Note: I did. They are cute and the boys liked them. Even though we didn’t do the “night” VBS theme.)

1 – Minute spent laughing at the direction, “Set the iron to a setting.” Pretty sure there was supposed to be something there!

20 – Minutes spend ironing, waiting, ironing, cooling and peeling off backing

5 – Minutes spend touching up “just a few edges” of the decals

30 – Seconds to accidentally melt part of a decal with a stray iron

3 – Minutes spent determining how to fix my mistake and patching the melted parts

5 – Minutes spent questioning the placement of the decals and bemoaning how “imperfect” it looks

5 – Minutes spent, once again, kicking myself on spending $7 on these t-shirts which are not the vision of VBS perfection I always imagine they will be (they never turn out as perfectly as I expect…maybe one day I’ll learn!!)

1 – Minute spent hanging the shirts in the closet…out of sight…so I can stop judging them

And now, for the big finale…

3 – Total times these shirts will likely be worn before relegated to PJ duty.


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