Dolphin Tour…For the Boys

I absolutely love dolphins. Always have, I think.

The Dad’s grandparents live in Florida and used to have their own boat. (Yes, it was the most awesome and budget-friendly vacation ever!) Near where they live, there was this dolphin named Mooch who had been part of a show and, when it was disbanded, stuck around to visit the boats. We went to Mooch’s part of the waterway a few times, but we also found pods in other places.

I remember sitting on the front of the boat (with our first digital camera, which would now be embarrassingly box-like and a bit slow on the uptake) snapping away in hopes of some awesome dolphin shots. I was like a little kid. Completely in awe.

On our honeymoon cruise, I’m pretty sure I never even had to say that swimming with dolphins was a “must-do” shore excursion. It was a fantastic experience and I loved that, since we were in Mexico, our dolphin “spoke” Spanish. **Note: Some things amuse me far more than they should!**

So, when I heard our vacation destination offered some dolphin cruises, I knew we had to go.

For the boys. Of course.

Anyway, we started off and it was sprinkling. The boat was extremely crowded. I started to get just a bit bummed out because reviews had mentioned there was usually plenty of room on this cruise to walk around and see the dolphins on all sides of the boat. Then, our captain mentioned the bigger boat was down and The Dad and I figured this smaller, jam-packed boat wouldn’t be able to reach the speeds necessary for the dolphins to “surf.”

Bummer again. For the boys. Of course.

Well, off we went and I really am sorry to say (because she was cute and sweet as could be!) but our “first mate/tour guide” left something to be desired. By this point, I was wondering if this was going to be an hour of drizzly rain, with monotone and difficult to hear narration, and a glimpse here and there of a dolphin fin.


Then…the rain cleared, we found a pod of dolphins and – yes! – the boat did create the wake for some “surfers” to jump through! (The captain also took over the mike which gave a boy on our boat time to fall in love with the first mate. Seriously. Hugged her almost into the water and wouldn’t let go.) And it was AWESOME! (The dolphins, not the puppy love. Although that was kind of cute too.)


For the boys. Of course.

By the end of the cruise, we were all happy, the rain was gone and a beautiful sunset came in to finish off our trip. Perfect.

For the boys. Of course.



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