D, E

The Beach… and Boys

We have been enjoying the beach. Hence the lack of posts.

Today we built a sandcastle and rode the waves some more. In my packing/end of school frenzy, I managed to bring a camera with a dead battery. And no charger.

The phone has served fine as a camera…most of the time. But we quickly decided NOT to leave it in the beach bag and, as a result, don’t have many pictures of our beach action.

Being the “guilty mom” I am, I started imagining my boys’ dismay when they realize as adults that not every moment of their beach vacation was caught on camera. So, when we designed our fabulous sand castle/moat creation today, I asked The Dad to make a trip back to the hotel for the phone. (He IS a saint, but don’t feel too bad for him. It’s only a block or so and I was the one to walk it back!)

Anyway, I wanted to get lots of pictures of the boys splashing around. E is so full of joy, sometimes it just spills out of him. Jumping in the waves is definitely one of those times.

D is decidedly NOT filled with joy with the very idea of getting his face wet. So when he declared his love for the beach, I knew we needed pictures as evidence!




Then, I realized I really needed VIDEO of them. Duh, Mom?

So, I flipped the phone to video and prepared to catch the laughing, running, jumping, splashing. Future generations would obviously thank me for this cinematic gold.

And they stood there. Talking, but seemingly staring out to sea.

Oh well, I stopped the video and was taking a few last shots as E talked to The Dad.

Turns out, the reason the boys were just staring out to sea?

D had pulled the front of his shorts down to pee.

And here is the ensuing conversation.




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