This is so new to me. I really have no idea where to begin.



Such cuteness. Seems like as good a way as any to start!

So, these adorable little fellows are orphans and I am their new prayer warrior. Just deciding to do this and follow through with it was a challenge for me. I can only imagine the courage of a family saying “yes” to adopting them. But, guess what? I hope to soon be praying for not only the boys, but the family that takes them into their home and hearts.

They are currently 2 years old, living in Eastern Europe and don’t know the love of a mom or a dad. It breaks my heart that any kid goes to bed without a hug, a kiss, a story and an “I love you.” But, sadly, that is life for these little guys. I don’t know their orphanage, but pray these are the only things they are missing. The reality is often missing so much more – proper nutrition, toys, comfort, even freedom from being in a crib all day.

So, why am I posting? Especially when I feel so awkward about even writing about this?

They need me to. They need you too.

For an orphan in Eastern Europe who doesn’t find a family, the outlook is bleak. A majority of the girls turn to prostitution and a majority of the boys become hardened criminals. Imagine your own child, turned out at age 16 with limited education, no training and virtually no money. And no one who loves him/her.

Try to imagine. Because, honestly, the thought is too much for me to really envision.

Will you please join me in praying for a different life for these boys? A life with love, hugs and bedtime stories? If you feel moved to do more, there is also a tax-deductible organization collecting a grant for the adoptive family who comes for these cuties.

But, really, please just pray for them. Don’t let them be forgotten.



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