A History Lesson

Confession. I have read at least 5 books about Abraham Lincoln. This year. And I probably will be checking another out when we get home.

Another confession. I started a George Washington book about a week and a half ago. Since that time, I’ve been to the library to check out a Lincoln book, finished it and all but abandoned poor old George.

Having taught 5th grade American history five times, I have taught both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Only one of them is of enough interest to me that I developed both an independent unit and a summer enrichment class about it. You can guess which…but my confessions about Lincoln and Washington just might be a clue.

So, today The Dad told me he wanted to stop by a battlefield on our way to the beach. Cool.

He talked about why he wanted to go there, ties to our local history, and I checked out the NPS site for directions and info. Apparently, my brain is on vacation because as we pulled in I was surprised to find out it was a Revolutionary War battlefield. Cowpens, to be specific. (Story for another day, but Siri had a bit of a hard time with that one!)

Oh. Cool.?

Now, let me just say that I DO feel a bit guilty for not being quite as interested in George and, you know, the war that actually made our country possible. Somehow it seems so much more distant to me. Maybe it’s the time period (because, of course 230 some years ago is beyond my reach but 150 is SO much more recent…), or the location of the fighting, or possibly the fact that I’ve read just a tad more about the Civil War?

So, we arrived at the battlefield and had to give it the quick tour so we could reach Destination #1 by tonight. However, walking along the old road and seeing the landscape DID bring things to life a bit more. It was quite the feat for the Americans to defeat the British here…or anywhere really…but those lowly militia men successfully surrounded the British and suffered only a fraction of the losses.

It was definitely worth the trip. AND, I brought the George Washington book on vacation, so I might just be inspired enough to read it!

Just don’t expect me to give up my Lincoln habit anytime soon.






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