Leaving On a…Really Long Car Ride

So, we are about to leave for vacation.  I actually love packing (I do NOT love the unpacking and laundry that comes at the end of a trip).  The boys’ bag is set and has basically been ready since Monday.  The Dad and I are packed. 

Not without a little teasing that his clothes take up approximately the same amount of space as the boys’ and mine combined.

We’ve arranged care for what seems to be an ever growing menagerie at our house.  In-laws feeding cats, fish and turtle? Check.  Parents dog-sitting? Check.  Now it gets a bit interesting.

I already mentioned we have a moth in cocoon (sadly, I think the other caterpillar has perished…now I just have to pluck him out of there).  Yesterday, our ants arrived for the boys’ extremely cool light-up ant habitat.  Today, a very sweet student brought me a water bottle.  Complete with four tadpoles. (I love that she made it an even number so they wouldn’t fight over them!)  These critters don’t require quite the same level of care, but they are here nonetheless!

**Side note: Isn’t it a happy coincidence that all of these creatures arrived right as we are about to leave town?  Unless someone at the ant shipping company is closely watching us…which may explain their massive amount of emailing to The Dad?**

So, what I wonder is how things will look when we return.  Will we have a moth?  Frogs?  Ants thriving? Or dying in glowing green goo?  (I would add more fish, but seeing as we have one tank of guppies, it is pretty certain there are ALWAYS new fish.)

How will we look when we return?  Tired? Burnt to a crisp?  Ready to retreat to our own corners? Or refreshed, glowing and anxiously awaiting our next family escape?

Maybe next time we will be brave enough (and I won’t be too cheap!) to be leaving on a jet plane.  Because you know then I’ll be singing all the way to the airport!


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