Tonight, we had salad for dinner.

Tonight, we had salad for dinner. It was even a “meatless meal,” which seems to be a bit of a big deal for some people…right?

Anyway, there are definitely times when I read “Mommy Blogs” and feel like such a louse. Honestly, my kids probably have ice cream a bit more often than they should, I don’t think they know the word “organic” and we won’t even touch on the fact that I am terrified of the old sewing* machine that sits hopefully in my bedroom.

*On a completely unrelated note, can we take a minute to appreciate the sheer joy that is Auto-Correct and that it changed “sewing” to “wise wing.”

Honestly, parenting magazines made me feel so less than perfect, I cancelled them and never looked back. Because here’s the thing…

I know LOTS of families. I’m a teacher, which means I get to see quite the spectrum of parenting. And you know what, I’m a pretty good mom. In fact, most of my students are shocked at what I DON’T let my kids do or watch or say. And my kids? Oh my goodness, they are awesome and so, so loved. So, I’m going to be honest about the mom I am and the mom I’m not.

But, back to our salad. “D” is four and is going through some sort of phase where he thinks he is a picky eater…but really he isn’t (pretty sure it goes with his “my way or the highway” attitude). So, he ate every bite of the salad and proclaimed it good…especially the black beans.

Feeling like SuperMom, I told him I was glad and that is was really healthy for him. Visions of farmer’s market and meatless salads once a week for dinner and even actually opening up my sewing machine to try to figure out those bobbins were dancing through my head!

Don’t worry. He brought me back to reality. “And it will make me toot!”


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